Taba Day Use

Day Trip from Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh to Taba and Ras Shitan, featuring a yacht excursion from Taba to Pharaoh’s Island and the historic Citadel of Saladin. From this vantage point, you can witness the shared borders with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine.

The trip includes:

  • All permits.
  • Tour guide throughout the trip. 
  • Transfers from Dahab to Taba and Ras Shetan and back.  
  • Yacht trip from Taba to Pharaoh’s Island and the Saladin border citadel. 
  • Snorkeling on Pharaoh Island among the rarest coral reefs and fish in the world. 
  • Day Use at Camp in Ras Satan.
  • Lunch in the head of a devil.
  • Visiting Fiord Bay and photographing.


children 0 - 3 0
4 - 9 years42.5 $
+10 years85 $